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Digital Imaging Ethics - Very Important for all researchers! 
A very nice collection of information at
The University of Arizona Southwest Environmental Health Science Center

ImageJ!  The ImageJ Image Processing Program. Free, and it runs on ALL platforms that support JAVA. Has many, many advanced features, and it's capabilities are easily extended with the large number of available plugins.

Image Calibrations with ImageJ.  
Read the Calibrations_HOWTO document (included in the Calibrations.zip).  The Calibrations.zip file has more information and modified versions of the "Microscope_Scale" plugin to demonstrate how to work with the Microscope_Scale plugin and have multiple calibration files easily accessible. This includes calibration plugins specific to our Umass Central Microscopy Facility equipment: Note: Microscope calibrations change from time to time. The Calibrations.zip file will have dated information that is for the current  microscope configuration. We maintain copies of the calibration images, data, and ImageJ calibration plugins from earlier calibrations. Please ask if you need these for working with older images.

Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer:  An Excellent On-line Microscopy Tutorial - and much more.
The Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer is an excellent source of information about the various methodologies of microscopy (polarized light, darkfield, Hoffman Modulation Contrast, fluorescence, etc.). There are some wonderful Java animations for the the various modes of microscopy.  This is a great place for students of microscopy to explore! Don't miss the Chip Shots : Silicon Zoo.

Molecular Expressions - Digital Imaging

Microscopy U - Nikon's online resource for microscopy techniques.

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Microscopy Society Links:
    Microscopy Society of America
    Microscopy Listserver Archives
    Microscopy ListServer Instructions

Microscopy - Recommended Reading for Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy: Principles and Techniques for Biologists  (John J. Bozzola and Lonnie D. Russell)

Specialty Vendors & Supplies

Reel 3D - Source for red-green and red-blue glasses for viewing stereo anaglyphs.

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