Current News at the Central Microscopy Facility

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July 17, 2014  We are essentially closed as the original Central Microscopy Facility. The Electron Microscopy operations are centered in the Keck Microscopy Facility. The Zeiss LSM 510 Meta Confocal is still operational and available to current users. There is a new Nikon confocal on campus with six lasers and advanced capabilities.


Dale is retired 10/8/2014.

Contact Sai Balchand for information and training regarding the old or new confocal systems.

Contact Alex Ribbe at the Keck Microscopy (link below) for TEM, SEM info and assistance.

The Nikon E600 Fluorescence system with Spot RT camera are still functioning and available for use. Please contact Michele Klingbeil

The T12 is now at the KECK.  Please visit the Keck webpage and register there and make arrangements for TEM training and use.

Keck Microscopy Facility
The JEOL 100s has been shut down.

The JEOL 5400 SEM has been shut down.

The Zeiss 510Meta is still operational. We expect to pass it's administration to another agent (Prof. Patricia (pat) Wadsworth) who will continue operations along with other confocal systems that are available. The Zeiss 510 META confocal was installed in September 2002 and is under service contract until the end of 2014. Pat oversees one or more spinning disk confocals and a new Nikon point scanning confocal is slated for delivery. Please contact Prof. Wadsworth or Sai Balchand for details regarding the confocal systems.

Some of the sample prep equipment will be moved and some will not. Ask, or stay tuned.....

We hate to have you disappointed, live by our schedules, and can rarely help walk-ins.  Please call or email for appointments and allow sufficient lead-time for us to get your project on the stack so that the work can happen in the desired time-frame.  Consulting us when you write your grant is more appropriate than showing up at the door at 4:56pm on a Friday with a perishable and precious sample......

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