Equipment Reservation Rules
  1. A "lab" (single PI workgroup) can only reserve a particular instrument for a one-half-day slot, maximum, per day, except as noted in "Exceptions".  Half-day slots are defined as before and after 1pm; the morning period can start at any time and the afternoon period ends at 6pm. Contact the staff for exemption to these rules necessitated by your research. We will try to fairly accomodate special circumstances..
  2. Any individual may only be signed up for ONE future slot (of any duration) for a single instrument.  You may only sign up for a slot if you are not currently signed up, for example, as when you have just completed a session.  Also, users may not intentionally reserve time for others in order to defeat the reservation restrictions.  These restrictions are to ensure fair access to all users.
  3. If necessary, please cancel  your reservation as early as possible, but always earlier than 1 hour before the reservation start. If you absolutely have to cancel at the last minute, it is your responsibility to see that the equipment has not been left on for you. This is very important for the Confocal system where the arc lamp and lasers, etc. may have been left on for you. Come in and check, or contact the staff. It is not enough to send email the staff; if you can't reach someone by phone who will check the system, you are responsible to come and check/shut down the equipment.
  4. You are expected to arrive ON TIME and to be finished, including file transfers, by the end of your reserved time if there is a user scheduled to follow you. If you can't be on-time, communicate! Make reservations that are realistic for your schedule.
  5. Violations of these expectations will have consequences.  First violations will receive a notice; subsequent reservation times are fully billable, and additional violations will result in restrictions to access. Please consider you schedule carefully and plan accordingly before making a reservation.
  6. By making a reservation you agree to abide by these rules.
  1. Evenings and Weekends.  Unless we have problems, evenings and weekends are exempt from these regulations, but please be reasonable about time if a colleague also needs access.
  2. "Stand-by".  After 10am for the current afternoon period, and 4pm for the next morning period persons of a lab-group (even the same person) may reserve an additional block of time from the available slots.